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Style is my life and helping customers is my mission. At Lady Pressed, I believe that fashion is much more than what you or your child wears. It's how you share your personality with the world. I want all my clients to feel confident in their own skin and in every outfit they own.

I will go above and beyond to create breathtaking, creative collections, and I will make sure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Here, you'll be able to customize any idea, bring your thoughts to reality, and relax if you need to depend on my creativity if you need assistance in that area.  So book Lady Pressed and put your mind to rest.

Lady Pressed is also a sponsor of Total Makeover Ministries.  Total Makeover Ministries is a Non-profit Organization structured to provide youth and adults with no-cost physical makeovers, as well as emotional support for their self-esteem and mental health while encouraging them to build a relationship with God. Sometimes the change begins with being able to physically see how amazing you are. If you know of a deserving candidate, 

or would wish to donate to our non-profit ministry, please fill out the contact form. 

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